All orders are shipped out as soon as they have been processed, which may take 2-3 business days. We will notify you via email when your order has been processed and shipped out.

Our collection and processing methods require only finger stick samples. The possible trauma to your clients, produced by venous blood draws, is eliminated. Additionally, in most cases, there is no need for the added expense of a licensed phlebotomist or the logistical problems associated with centrifuging and transporting whole blood samples.

Although some of our collection methods are limited strictly to professionals, our patent pending collection card was developed for professional as well as individual self-collection. In fact, nothing could be simpler for either to use.

Although cholesterol and a few other tests are currently available for on-site, rapid results screening, they are usually associated with expensive equipment that must be maintained and calibrated. Refrigeration of components is also sometimes required. Our collection card requires no special treatment or handling and has a shelf-life of five years. Also, since our collection card will be analyzed by a CLIA-certified laboratory, an actual easy-to-understand laboratory report will be generated. The results should then be shared with their respective health care providers.

Professional groups or individuals may also receive results if they meet HIPAA requirements. HIPAA was established by Congress to safeguard patients' medical records privacy and our clients strictly adhere to HIPAA's guidelines.

Our collection and transportation methods do not rely on reinventing the science behind the tests. Since we either use dry serum already extracted from the collection card or a whole blood micro-sample, our actual laboratory processes mirror those used in any standard reference lab in the country - same test, same analyzer, same result. All of our tests have been validated and our performance data are available electronically. Please contact us if you would like copies.

Currently we have nine tests that are available for either professional or patient self-collection using our collection device. If we don't currently have it, ask us. We will probably be able to develop it.

Once dry, the sample is extremely stable. We can process specimens up to 28 days from the date of collection. Since we offer overnight shipping to our volume customers, this means that you can "batch" ship a day or two of screened samples to us and they will still, in all probability, get to us quicker than if you had used regular mail. (Note: Other specimen collection methods may require that the sample be shipped overnight.)

Our collection card has a shelf-life of over five years.

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Although our tests are highly accurate, there is a chance that your result could fall into false positive or false negative category. Abnormal results or results that are not consistent with symptoms or medical history, should be verified by repeat analysis and follow up testing. No decisions should be made solely based on one test. Even though your test result may fall into the normal or abnormal reference range, it cannot be interpreted without a knowledge of your medical history. Normal or abnormal test result does not necessarily mean that there is a medical problem. Because of the difference between methodologies, borderline results must be repeated and verified. Only qualified medical professional can properly interpret your test results. This kit is designed for screening purposes only. It is not intended to replace a visit to your physician, treat, mitigate or diagnose any health condition or to adjust your medication. Results should not be used as a sole risk or disease marker