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100% Plastic


Capillary Action


No Scooping Required


Blood Test at Home Capillary Blood Collection Tubes are 100% plastic capillary blood collection systems. Available for a wide range of applications, the Capillary Collection Tubes are pre-assembled with a capillary tube, attached cap and a micro tube.

The capillary tube uses capillary action to draw the blood into the micro tube thereby eliminating the tendency for scooping. Because the capillary tube is also coated with anticoagulant, the blood sample begins mixing immediately with it. When filled end-to-end, the length of the capillary tube defines a specific amount of collected blood. This results in tissue-free samples, reduced clotting, accurate sample volume and ultimately, fewer redraws and increased patient comfort.

The attached cap is color coded to designate the type of additive that is in both the capillary tube and the micro tube. Since the cap is attached, the possibility of contamination or accidental loss is eliminated. The caps are pierce-able and available as self-sealing.

The micro tubes come in multiple sizes, a wide variety of additives and with, or without, gel separators. Printed on the micro tube are the lot number and expiration date as well as fill lines. There are also flat bottom versions and tube extenders for centrifuges available.

What Makes Us Better

No Scooping

  • Reduces hemolysis
  • Yields tissue-free samples
  • Increases patient comfort
  • Reduces re-draws

Capillary Blood Sampling

  • Fills end-to-end for easy measuring
  • Anticoagulant begins mixing during sampling to reduce clotting

Easy to Use

  • Attached color-coded cap
  • Pierce-able and self-sealing caps
  • Lot numbers and expirations dates printed on micro tube
  • Variety of additives and sizes

For Ease.
For Accuracy.
For Life.
That is why you should choose us.

With a collection process that’s much more seamless for wellness vendors like you, your clients and participants, Blood Test At Home will provide a remarkable level of reliability, quick turnaround time and precise results that are tough to match. Plus, with new tests in development, we’re already discovering exciting new ways to broaden our customers’ ability to monitor their health.

Results for both options are available on Blood Test At Home’s secure web portal and shared with wellness provider in cumulative report format.

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Although our tests are highly accurate, there is a chance that your result could fall into false positive or false negative category. Abnormal results or results that are not consistent with symptoms or medical history, should be verified by repeat analysis and follow up testing. No decisions should be made solely based on one test. Even though your test result may fall into the normal or abnormal reference range, it cannot be interpreted without a knowledge of your medical history. Normal or abnormal test result does not necessarily mean that there is a medical problem. Because of the difference between methodologies, borderline results must be repeated and verified. Only qualified medical professional can properly interpret your test results. This kit is designed for screening purposes only. It is not intended to replace a visit to your physician, treat, mitigate or diagnose any health condition or to adjust your medication. Results should not be used as a sole risk or disease marker